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UGBC Free Expression Reporting Form

While you must submit your name and email address at the completion of this form, you will be able check a box if you do not wish UGBC to reach out to you or to ever discuss your specific case either in public or in private meetings.

This reporting form serves multiple purposes:

1) To allow the Boston College community a private and efficient means to report incidents of restrictions on free expression they have experienced or witnessed.
Free expression includes but is not limited to community member’s ability to:
a) post fliers
b) hang banners
c) book rooms
d) bring in speakers
e) host meetings
f) demonstrate on campus

2) To assist those who have have their expression rights infringed upon, and provide a means for the UGBC to voice these concerns to the appropriate administrators.

3) To document incidents and concerns as a means to track patterns, and to eventually create policy change that address the restrictions on free expression in our community.

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