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50 Hour Service Challenge 2018-2019: Log Your Service Hours

Thank you for contributing to the greater community through your volunteer efforts! Please take a moment to share your experience(s) and log your hours!

50 Community Service Challenge (September 1 - April 1) - those who complete the challenge will be recognized at the LIFE Awards in April, receive a free t-shirt, and entered to win a prize. 

Reasons to log your volunteer hours through our office include:

  • Getting recognized for your service to the community, whether it be through your class, department, school, residence hall, Greek organization, and/or student organization.
  • Discovering new opportunities for becoming involved in service. 
  • Maintaining accurate and verified records of your volunteer hours.  You'll be more competitive for fellowships, scholarships, and graduate school applications.
  • The ability to obtain an official record of service through our office upon request. 
  • Did you volunteer with a student organization? Be sure to also complete the accomplishments form for the SOuRCe! 

Feel free to contact us with any questions at or at 330.972.2837


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