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The Health Professions Organization is a student group which provides support, information, and networking opportunities for pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-veterinary, pre-podiatry, and pre-optometry students, among others.  Members can be University of Scranton students of any major who have an interest in careers in the health field.  For our annual retreat and weekly meetings, we invite numerous Scranton alumni who are either in professional school or currently practicing in the health-care field to speak to HPO members about finding the Magis in professional lives by using their talents and experiences to serve others on a local, national, and global scale. Serving as ideal models of "men and women for others," using their scientific and clinical prowess to serve those in need, our medical alumni enthusiastically agree to give of their time and talent for Scranton students. These interactions allow HPO members to better discern professional schools of interest, initiate networking opportunities, and can be critical in the admissions process.


Portal Information


The Health Professions Organization (HPO) is a pre-health student organization at The University of Scranton. HPO supports and encourages the students of The University of Scranton in their endeavors to enter the health care profession as physicians, dentists, podiatrists, optometrists, chiropractors, and veterinarians.



President's Name

Sara Wierbowski

President's Class Year


Vice President's Name

Ian Ellwood

Vice President's Class Year


Treasurer's Name

Syed Qadri

Treasurer's Class Year


Secretary's Name

Nicholas D'Alonzo

Secretary's Class Year


Other Officer's Name

Katelyn Langford

Other Officer's Position

Co-VP Presentations

Other Officer's Class Year


Other Officer's Name

Kimberly Barr

Other Officer's Position

VP of Service

Other Officer's Class Year


Other Officer's Name

Robert Dougherty

Other Officer's Position

Pre-Optometry Chair

Other Officer's Class Year


Other Officer's Name

Sergey Gnilopyat

Other Officer's Position


Other Officer's Class Year


Other Officer's Name

Katherine Musto

Other Officer's Position

Junior Liason

Other Officer's Class Year


Other Officer's Name

Jade Neverson

Other Officer's Position

Dir. Diversity Initiatives

Other Officer's Class Year


Mission Statement

The University of Scranton Health Professions Organization aims to guide students towards careers in the healthcare fields to create the next generation of doctors, dentists, veterinarians, optometrists and podiatrists. Our meetings and events educate students about their career options and the steps students need to take to reach their specified goals.



The Health Professions Organization supports and encourages the students of The University of Scranton in their endeavors to enter the health care field as physicians, dentists, podiatrists, optometrists, chiropractors, and veterinarians. So as to promote harmonious relations amongst students, advisers, and faculty, provide information to pre-health professional students, provide a forum for student expression, and associate with allied health professions, we, the officers of this organization, do ordain and establish this constitution.

Article 1: Name

Section 1: The name of this organization shall be known as the Health Professions Organization (hereafter H.P.O. or the organization).

Article 2: Membership

Section 1: Any full- or part-time student at The University of Scranton interested in pursuing or exploring a career in the health care field as physicians, dentists, podiatrists, optometrists, chiropractors, and veterinarians may join the organization.

Section 2: Organization members may be subject to dismissal by the adviser and officers or administrative members of The University of Scranton. Reasoning for dismissal is in accordance with the University of Scranton student handbook. Procedure for dismissal involves an investigation and majority vote by the officers or an executive decision by the adviser.

Section 3: Organization members will pay dues once each academic year that they are a member of the organization. The amount of dues will be decided by the Executive Board and approved by the adviser.

Article 3: Leadership by Officers

Section 1: Leadership and Term - Election of the officers by a written ballot of the members who meet all eligibility requirements will take place in April or May of the academic year prior to service. Upon the election of new officers, the preceding officers will provide their successors with organizational meeting materials, access to the H.P.O. treasury, and access to the H.P.O. directory on the World Wide Web. The term of officers will consist of one full academic year (Fall and Spring Semesters).

Section 2: The Executive Board - The Executive Board shall consist of the following offices: President, Vice-President of Presentations, Vice-President of Service, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, and Web Development (Webmaster). Whenever appropriate, the Officer of Web Development should be a member of the Executive Board election ticket. Otherwise, the Officer of Web Development will be appointed by the Executive Board after consultation with the adviser. This officer will be elected / appointed on the basis of demonstrated proficiency for web development and will not be subject to the requirement of senior standing. The Executive Board, with the approval of the adviser, will appoint all Committee Chairpersons, as well as the Junior Liaison. Committee Chairpersons and the Junior Liaison are selected on the basis of experience and past demonstration of proficiency for the position.

Section 3: Eligibility for Officers - In order to be eligible for a position on the Executive Board, a student must be an active participant in the organization's meetings and activities for at least one full school year, as well as be in satisfactory academic standing. Officers shall be of senior social class and academic class standing, unless seniors are unavailable or unwilling to run for office, with the exception of the presidential position, which must be filled by a senior.

Section 4: Election - Elections will be organized by the preceding president. Officers-to-be will run as a unified Executive Board ticket. No one is allowed to run on more than one ticket. The date of the election meeting will be announced at the beginning of the semester. Any changes in this tentative date will be made known to all organization members immediately. At the election meeting, the members of each ticket will be given fifteen minutes to present their platform. Elections will take place via paper ballot prepared by the preceding executive board.

Section 5: Voting Eligibility - Members active for at least one semester are eligible to vote. Only members whose dues have been paid at least two (2) weeks prior to the election date may vote. Any member who is eligible to vote but cannot attend the election meeting may vote by paper ballot in the adviser's office no later than noon on Friday of the election week. If the election meeting were to occur on a Thursday or Friday these members have until the following Wednesday at noon.

Article 4: Officers

Section 1: President - The President serves the entire organization, as well as the other officers of the Executive Board. This entails knowledge of their roles as well as access to the budget of the organization. In the event that an officer cannot perform said role, the President shall assume it. In addition, the president works closely with the Director of Medical School Placement (adviser to the H.P.O.). Most importantly, the President should seek out new methods of improving the organization and the services it provides to its members. The President shall preside at all meetings of the organization, appoint committees as needed to carry out the work of the organization, call extra meetings as necessary, and preside at Executive Board meetings.

Section 2: Vice-Presidents - The Vice-Presidents directly support the president in his or her endeavors and serve as direct liaisons to the student representative to the Medical Alumni Council (MAC). In these roles, the Vice-Presidents update the leadership and the members of the organization concerning issues raised by MAC. Specifically, the Vice-President of Presentations will work with the Executive Board to propose and arrange for meetings and speakers that would benefit members. The Vice-President of Presentations is responsible for scheduling the speakers and programs for H.P.O. meetings and activities and for providing meeting agendas that have been approved by the President and adviser. The Vice-President of Service is responsible for coordinating service activities in which the members of H.P.O. will participate. The Vice-President of Service is also responsible for keeping records of all of the organization's service activities and correspondence with Student Government in order to comply with University of Scranton regulations.

Section 3: Secretary - The Secretary records the attendance and minutes of meetings of the general membership as well as of the executive board. The Secretary publicizes H.P.O. meetings and special events. This publicity includes email/voice mail lists and campus postings. The Secretary coordinates any publications of flyers, brochures, survival guides, etc. produced by the executive board or the organization. The Secretary also coordinates the annual Big Brother/Big Sister Program of the Organization (a program which allows underclassmen to benefit from a support group of upperclassmen). Furthermore, the Secretary organizes the organization's participation at freshman orientation activity fairs, freshman seminars, open houses, and freshman preview days.

Section 4: Treasurer - The Treasurer secures access to the H.P.O. budget from the Student Government and approves capital purchases with the President's signature. This role also entails writing checks for meeting, speaker, and/or other miscellaneous expenses. The Treasurer shall keep a record of all funds received and expended, pay all bills when authorized, and keep a budget. A treasurer's report must be submitted to the Director of Medical School Placement and the Executive Board on a monthly basis. Record must be kept of dues paid by members of the organization. Dues and monies received must be deposited on a bimonthly basis. The Treasurer should also generate a financial report for Alpha Epsilon Delta, the pre-medical honor society, if so required. The Treasurer is responsible for coordinating any fundraisers of the organization and for organizing the H.P.O. tee-shirts for their term.

Section 5: Historian - The Historian works closely with the Secretary on publicity projects as well as maintaining a record of H.P.O. meetings and events. It is recommended that the Historian keep a photo album of the years events. The role also involves serving as a liaison to honor societies associated with the organization, as well as assisting the Webmaster in updating the status of former H.P.O. officers on the H.P.O. website.

Section 6: Web Development - The Webmaster takes responsibility for the design and maintenance of the H.P.O./A.E.D. webpages. Maintenance includes, but is not limited to, posting the schedule of events for each semester, updating the online schedule and information to reflect changes within the organization's activities, promptly restoring or correcting any flaws that might hinder a user's ability to access information, and finding and disseminating H.P.O. or selected internet information that might assist the members of H.P.O. in their paths to becoming health care professionals.

Article 5: Meetings of the General Members

Section 1: Meetings - During the year as determined by the executive board and the adviser, the HPO will hold meetings/workshops for the general membership. These meetings will take place weekly/biweekly throughout the fall and spring semesters on a night and location agreed upon by the executive board. Meetings shall alternate days of the week as decided by the executive board so as to accommodate students' class scheduling conflicts. Extra meetings for certain groups will be called as necessary.

Section 2: Meeting Topics - Overall, meeting topics will vary depending on the executive board and the needs of the membership. However, the officers should consider holding one meeting for each academic class to address questions and current needs. For example, the senior meeting should include how to interview for a health professional school and/or options to consider if not entering such an institution. The junior meeting should encompass discussion of the health professional entrance exams (i.e. MCAT, DAT, OAT, etc.), and preparation for the interview with the Health Professions Evaluation Committee. The sophomore and freshman meeting topics should range from time management skills to service, and study abroad program ideas. Late in the fall semester of each year, the officers may consider asking the general membership for meeting topic ideas for the following spring semester to better address their concerns. The meetings should try to reach the needs of all members of the organization including those who are pursuing a degree as future physicians, dentists, podiatrists, optometrists, chiropractors, and veterinarians.

Section 3: Special Meetings - The President, Adviser, Executive Board, or Dean may call special meetings as necessary.

Article 6: Committees

Section 1: Standing Committees - Standing committee chairpersons shall be appointed by the executive board for one year. Standing committees will be the Committee of Student Government Correspondence (to maintain correspondence with the Student Government and other organizations of The University of Scranton), the Pre-Dental Committee, and the Pre-Veterinary Committee.

Section 2: Ad Hoc Committees - Ad hoc committees may be appointed as necessary. The executive board will appoint these committees and their chairpersons.

Article 7: Association with Honor Societies

Section 1: The H.P.O. may become associated with certain health professional honor societies. The executive board shall embrace such relationships and work diligently to strengthen the bonds between the membership and these societies. This encompasses assigning an officer, in particular the Historian, to contact the society directly and/or work closely with the moderator of the society at The University of Scranton.

Section 2: Pennsylvania Iota Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta - In particular the H.P.O. is associated with the Pennsylvania Iota Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta (A.E.D.), the National Pre-Medical Honor Society. Maria Squire, Ph.D., of the Biology Department at The University of Scranton serves as the adviser to this organization. The executive board of the H.P.O. will work closely with the A.E.D. adviser to meet honor society requirements, coordinate the induction of new members, and distribute organizational information to general members.

Article 8: Moderator

Section 1: From 1997 to 2005, and then again from 2006 to present, Mary F. Engel, Ph.D., has served as the adviser and moderator to the H.P.O. Her functions include attending and offering advice at meetings, working with the executive board to develop a meeting schedule, and providing support to the membership. The adviser does not have the right to vote.

Section 2: Term - The term of this position is left to the discretion of The University of Scranton Administration.

Article 9: Amendments and Methods of Implementation

Section 1: This constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the executive board. Proposed amendments must be posted on the H.P.O. web page as well as announced and made available to general members.

Section 2: Revision of the constitution requires approval of the Executive Board and adviser.

Article 10: Powers

Section 1: The University of Scranton Administration and Adviser of the organization delegate all powers of the H.P.O. Therefore, the administration and adviser have the right to veto any act of the H.P.O. or to revoke any of the powers held by the H.P.O.

This constitution shall become effective immediately upon approval by the Executive Board and the Adviser.

Moderator Name:

Dr. Mary Engel