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Organization Overview

The Vulcan Village Leadership Living-Learning Community (LLC) aims to create a comprehensive learning experience complete with hands-on leadership and service learning opportunities for California University of PA students living at Vulcan Village. Based upon the “servant leader” philosophy, a leadership living-learning community (LLC) is housed in Building 6 of Vulcan Village at California University of PA. Servant-leaders achieve results for their organizations by giving priority attention to the needs of their colleagues and those they serve. Servant-leaders are often seen as humble stewards of their organization’s resources: human, financial, and physical. A living-learning community (LLC) is a special area of a residence hall or other university housing community that is themed around a specific area of interest usually with a faculty member or staffer involved as the advisor and curriculum developer. Such examples include wellness, community service, business, engineering, nursing, and a whole host of different academic majors and interests. *** Please note that participation in the leadership LLC is a non-paid extracurricular activity and is independent of and unrelated to the Vulcan Village community assistant employment program. *** The leadership LLC will be housed in Building 6 of Vulcan Village (267 California Road), which means that only students participating in the program will be permitted to live in that particular building. This allows students in this building to make closer relationships with one another and be able to regularly discuss the on-going leadership activities. Cal U. students who are planning to live at Vulcan Village can apply to live and participate in the leadership LLC. An estimated 40 students will be eligible for the program given the space availability in Building 6. Incoming freshmen are also eligible apply for participation in the LLC. The program will be advised by Dr. Scott M. Helfrich, D.Ed. who lives in Building 6 with his family. The LLC program will concentrate on teaching leadership skills and provide service learning opportunities to practice some of those skills. The intended programs and projects include the following: Leadership Chats – Students will be able to meet in a group with various invited university, local, and regional leaders to discuss leadership-related topics. Dr. Helfrich will moderate the chats and provide the students with materials to read prior to the chat, including leadership-related books the LLC students can keep free of charge. Topics include: supervising a team; managing during a crisis; rewarding employees / volunteers; recruiting volunteers; fundraising; and careers in leadership. Service Learning Opportunities – Students will participate in service learning opportunities that will be coordinated in partnership with Cal U’s Center for Civic Engagement. Field Trips – Students will be able to participate in at least one field trip per semester, which can include a trip to Pittsburgh and / or other regional locations for both social and educational purposes. Leadership Book Discussions – Book discussions will be held as part of the “Leadership Chats.” As stated previously, books will be distributed free of charge to each student participating in the LLC program. Social Programming - LLC students will be able to participate in exclusive social programs, including dinner, movies, and games that will be hosted in Dr. Helfrich’s family residence. We invite you to be a part of this new and exciting opportunity at Vulcan Village!

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