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ASUI Funding Board Non-Travel Reimbursement Procedures Form (STEP 5)

DO NOT fill out this form until AFTER you have attended the Informational Hearing, the Funding Request Hearing, AND received confirmation of your approved amount for funding. Thank you!


Registered student groups are eligible to be reimbursed for allowable expenses for programming, operational, and fundraising activities. Reimbursement can be made only for paid expenses and with the original paid receipts (to be brought to the ASUI office). A reimbursement check will be issued to the registered student group for the amount funded. All checks are mailed to the ASUI office (Idaho Commons 302) and an authorized officer will be required to sign for the reimbursement check.

If expenses are paid by a sponsoring department, a budget number and the department contact information are necessary so reimbursement can be transferred to the department. The recipient is not eligible for direct reimbursement if the department has pre-paid the travel expenses.

To obtain a reimbursement, student groups are required to bring the complete this  ASUI Funding Board Non-Travel Reimbursement Procedures Form and provide original receipts (to be brought to the ASUI office) that total up to the funding allocation. The student group’s representative must submit this form and present all necessary materials in person by appointment only. Email Meladi Lanier, Administrative Coordinator, at to set up an appointment time. Please review the ASUI Funding Board Non-Travel Reimbursement instructions on the following page.

If you'd like, you can download a blank PDF version of this form.