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Voter Engagement Coalition Registration

The ECU Voter Engagement Coalition’s mission is to promote voter engagement through nonpartisan focuses on access, registration, education, and turnout.  Many offices and departments across campus are working on various voter engagement events, and VEC aims to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for all event information to be collected and dispersed via the coalition.  Whether you are one of many staff members from your office on the coalition or the representative for your office, your role on VEC is to review and disperse information provided to and by the coalition to those you believe can effectively use and communicate the information.   We hope you can find creative and engaging ways to communicate information and help students utilize resources to promote education, access, registration, and voter turnout!

As a member of the Coalition we aim to provide you with succinct and useful information and resources to use within your office and with your students. VEC does not want to add 30 extra emails to your inbox, and we do not want to add 50 extra meetings to your calendar.  Our commitment to you is to use your time, energy, and attention well!

ECU’s Voter Engagement Coalition is not only open to those receiving this invitation, it is open to anyone and everyone to join! Our goal is to be the primary source of spreading accurate information about access, registration, education, and turnout!

If you would like to accept this invitation to join ECU’s Voter Engagement Coalition please complete this short survey below & add the following date to your calendar for a brief introduction to the coalition.

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