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2015 Volunteer and Service-Learning Awards


2015 Volunteer and Service-Learning Awards

Call for Nominations: Monday, March 23 - Wednesday, April 1

Outstanding Service-Learning Faculty

This award is presented to a service-learning faculty member, who has contributed extraordinary service to their community or has been involved in coordinating a service project at East Carolina University. The effort must have a significant impact on the community served and engage others in the ECU community.

  • Initiates high-quality and innovative community-based learning experiences (e.g., submit a course for the Service-Learning designation, develop new community partnerships, include a service component in a course, design creative reflection assignments)
  • Provides outstanding project leadership for meeting and assessing student learning outcomes
  • Contributes to the field of service-learning and/or community-based research (e.g., conference presentations, engaged research, mentoring, leading professional development activities)
  • Collaborate with community partners for sustainable impact

Outstanding Community Partner

This award will recognize the efforts of an outstanding campus and community based partner who have assisted the ECU in the engagement of students in meaningful experiential learning experiences either through service-learning courses or co-curriculum volunteer activities outside of the classroom.

  • Demonstrates innovative and high-quality collaboration with an ECU service program, service-learning course or unique project
  • Initiates creative learning and service partnership opportunities
  • Fosters a welcoming environment in which students can experience deeper learning (e.g., on-site reflection, training about relevant social issues, classroom presentations)
  • Communicates consistently with ECU staff, students, and student leaders
  • Provides excellent training, supervision, and mentorship for students

Outstanding Service Program

This award is presented to a student organization or department/office that has developed and implemented a service program in the 2014-2015 academic year. The program will have had a strong impact on the campus and/or the community served and garnered student support for the issue(s)/outreach. The project will have demonstrated student engagement and will have met an expressed need in the community.

  • Demonstrates excellent management, professionalism, communication, and recruitment for program impact and sustainability
  • Meets a community need identified in collaboration with community partner(s)
  • Engages the campus community with educational and involvement opportunities
  • Measures impact of service through meaningful assessment (e.g., surveys, feedback from constituents, recording attendance at service events)

Make A Difference

This award is presented to a student who has a continuing commitment to service as reflected in a variety of programs and initiatives which are responsive to community and social needs and which show evidence of a true partnership with the community.  The person should have a longstanding, major commitment to addressing community needs. This commitment should be demonstrated through the development of exceptional program(s) that go well beyond the traditional service role of academics. The award will highlight service as an important element of the academic mission, and will single out students that can serve as examples of social responsiveness on the part of the academic community.

  • Be an enrolled undergraduate/graduate East Carolina University student
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above
  • Demonstrate service and leadership to the university and community
  • Possess characteristics for future leadership success and dedication to learning about themselves and their community, taking action through service, and advocating for lasting social change


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