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GVSU's Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center 


GVSU's LGBT Resource Center is your place to build community, celebrate diverse expressions of gender and sexuality, confront personal bias and challenge unjust systems. 


GVSU's LGBT Resource Center is located at 1161 Kirkhof Center on the Allendale campus. Visit us Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Call us at 616-331-2530. 



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The Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center's mission is to educate, support and empower students to lead authentic lives, to challenge systems of gender and sexuality, and to work for social justice.

The LGBT Resource Center strives to create an inclusive and just environment where the many expressions of gender and sexuality are celebrated within the complex identities of all students. We will support and challenge LGBT students on their developmental journey as well as create a space for all students to confront and overcome personal bias. Our students will be dynamic leaders in the social justice community who demonstrate solidarity with other marginalized communities by working together to challenge intersecting systems of oppression.


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