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Organization Overview

The International Student Organization, also called ISO, brings together domestic and international students to promote the sharing of cultural understanding through social events and charity work. The purpose of the organization is to promote the sharing of cultural understanding throughout the Kutztown University campus and community. ISO welcomes both domestic and international students, as well as any interested faculty and staff members, to attend the multicultural events offered throughout the semester.

Category Diversity Focused
Student Organization Email Address (if applicable)
Meeting Time of Organization (Day of the week and time)

Friday, 5:00 pm

Meeting Frequency


Meeting Location Details

Old Main, 288 (on 2/14 the meeting will be in OM 287)

President Name

Musfrah Rana

Treasurer Name

Ankit Gyawali

Organization Social Media Account(s)

Facebook Group: International Student Organization (ISO) at Kutztown University,!/groups/KUISO/

Primary Contact Name

This should be the person in the organization that gets the majority of notifications. It can be the president, but may be someone else in the group responsible for important communication.

Cherise Fung

Primary Contact Email Address
Membership GPA Requirement

Please list any additional Grade Point Average (GPA) requirements for MEMBERS of your organization. If none, use N/A.


Officer GPA Requirement

Please list any additional Grade Point Average (GPA) requirements for OFFICERS of your organization. NOTE: The University minimum is a 2.0 GPA.


Enter Primary Advisor Email Address Here

The advisor will be prompted to review and agree to the terms of the Advisor Agreement before registration is reviewed and considered for approval. The advisor must be a faculty or staff member employed by Kutztown University.

Primary Advisor Name

Nicole Becker

Primary Advisor Title or Department

Assistant Director, International Admissions

Administrator Use Only
Student Organization Status

Gold Status Organization

Secondary Advisor Name

Must be a faculty member, staff member or graduate student at KU.

Abdoulaye Doukara

Secondary Advisor Department or Position

Graduate Assistant, International Admissions

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