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Recreation & Wellness-Student Recreation Center Space Request/Agreement Form

This form is no longer available. All prior submissions received will be processed; however, all future request for Webb Center space, Student Recreation Center space, Broderick Dining Commons Tabling, and Outdoor Space (including the Quad, Kaufman, Whitehurst Beach, Whitehurst Field, Bolling Square, and the Library Lawn) must go through:

Go to My Account > Log-in > log in with your MIDAS. Once logged in, under the “Reservations” menu complete the appropriate form. If it seems to not work the first time, simply type the address in the address bar again. Some MIDAS IDs cause this issue and it is currently being looked into.

If there is no Sponsor in the drop down menu, please complete the following form: Once approved you will be able to go back to, log in and complete the appropriate form. All staff and faculty are linked to their department/office according to BANNER. 

Faculty/Staff can still go through their normal channel of requesting Academic space. 

Student organizations are still required to submit the following form:

Please email if you have any questions. 

Thank you!

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