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The University is planning the 3rd annual labor day excursion for students and would like your feedback. Of the following alternatives, what trip do you believe students are more likely to prefer?

For the past two years, the Office of Student Activities in collaboration with the Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Enrollment Management has planned and hosted an excursion during the Labor Day Weekend for students not from Colorado, as well as Colorado Springs. The past two years have consisted of an excursion taking the students to River Runners White Water Rafting Company, followed by a hot springs soak at Mount Princeton, and concluded with dinner in a neighboring town. Each year, the trip has grown, igniting a unique and popular tradition for Labor Day Weekend. 

This year's Labor Day Weekend is a week later, which may or may not affect water levels for rafting, as well as student interest. We have identified 4 alternatives, including the traditional labor day excursion, for you to select from in determining what this year's first year student class would be more interested in. Please take a moment and select what you believe would be the most preferred/popular option for students. 

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