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Matthew P Prichard
Nov 2, 2014

Club Forms and Resources

Nov 2, 2014 by Matthew P Prichard

Almost all of the forms clubs and organizations are required to fill out have been moved to the Club/Organization Help and Resources portal. The Club/Organization Help and Resources portal is now the on-stop-shop for all things related to club processes. On the portal you can find:

  • New Club Application

  • President's Fund for Student Diversity Application 2014-2015

  • Non-Event Exemption Form for Dining and Food Services

  • Recognition Application

You can also find files and documents explaining how to do the things you do:

  • Club Finances Overview

  • Club Training Information 2014-15

  • Guide to Club Websites

  • MLC Create Account, Join Clubs and Club Registration Instructions 2014-15

  • New Club Process 2014-15

Also, club training events will be under the Club/Organization Help and Resources portal.