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Clyde The Mountain Lion
Nov 17, 2016

UCCS Music Program Presents: Soundscapes and Austral Memories

Nov 17, 2016 by Clyde The Mountain Lion

Gian Signorelli is proud to present “Soundscapes and Austral Memories”, a collection of his most recent and culminating work during his residency at UCCS as a Composition and Sound Design major.

The influence and integration of audio based technologies has enabled Signorelli to find his own sonority and musical voice as a composer and artist. Several pieces represent his focus and collaboration in film, multimedia and theater productions, while others are much more intimate.

As a songwriter, his work is strongly influenced by his Chilean cultural heritage. Songs like “Color” and “Enredadera” are simple and personal, yet express complexity through the use of emotive modal and tonal harmonies, as well as syncopation and metric variations influenced by South American folklore. Gian Signorelli’s passion is to write and perform music which is not only aesthetically appealing, but also sparks cinematic imagination.

Come enjoy this unique opportunity! 

Heller Center for Arts and Humanities

7:30 PM

 November 18th, 2016