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Clyde The Mountain Lion
Feb 8, 2016

Be part of a campus focus group!

Feb 8, 2016 by Clyde The Mountain Lion

This is the LAST CALL for any UCCS students interested in being part of a campus focus group. Contact Amanda Allee by Feb 9th at noon!

The Dean of Students Office is partnering with Webb Strategic Communications to gather input from UCCS students.

By participating in a 1.5-hour focus group, you will receive a $50 bookstore gift card and food will be provided.

The focus group will include a structured discussion  about your experience and opinions. You’ll join 10 to 12 other students, and a trained moderator will give the group a series of questions to discuss. Focus groups are for research purposes only, the information you share will remain private. You will not be asked to buy anything.

The focus groups will take place on February 11th. If you are interested in participating contact Webb Strategic Communications at 303-796-8888 to determine if you are eligible. You may also contact me if you have questions.


Amanda Allee, Ph.D. 
Director of Student and Judicial Affairs | Office of the Dean of Students

University of Colorado Colorado Springs

719-255-3834 |