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Clyde The Mountain Lion
Oct 1, 2015


Oct 1, 2015 by Clyde The Mountain Lion

Sustainable Transportation and the Wellness Center
All students, staff and faculty are welcomed to participate in this year’s Walktober Challenge!  Walktober aims to keep you moving during the month of October- all you need to do is register online, then log your minute of activity each day.   All participants receive a 20% off coupon at the University Bookstore just for registering, then, participants who log at least 500 minutes of walking during October will be entered to win additional prizes!
You must register online to win (

You may print your UCCS Walktober Challenge Log Card from this page(, or pick up a card at the Student Health Center, UCCS Rec Center, or Information Desk at the University Center.  We encourage you to stay active by walking to class or work, walking across campus rather than taking the bus, walking during lunch breaks or with friends, exercising in the UCCS Rec Center, exercising outside, hiking, etc. Get creative! 
There are three levels of winners for this challenge:
Red level- achieving a monthly total of 500-999 minutes (~15 minutes a day)
Entered to win a University Bookstore Giftcard!

Orange level- achieving a monthly total of 1000-1499 minutes (~30 minutes a day)
Entered to win a fitness prize pack!
Gold level- achieving a monthly total of 1500 or more minutes (~45 minutes a day)
Entered to win a FitBit Flex!
How to Participate:

  1. Record minutes spent walking.  All minutes are logged by the individual and are self-reported.  For example: If you walk 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night, at the end of the day you would put “30 minutes” into the slot for that day.  *If you do a different workout that involves foot movement (IE dance) it is up to your discretion whether or not to use the minutes on your card.  Please do not log minutes for cycling, swimming, or weight lifting.
  2. At the end of each 10 day cycle, add minutes to help keep track of your progress toward your goal and write the total in the “weekly total” slots.
  3. At the end of the month, add all of your minutes to find out whether you reached your goal for the month.  If you reached your goal- congrats! If not- fitness is a lifetime journey, keep at it! Whether or not you reached your goal, you can still turn in your card to win prizes.
  4. All participants must turn in their completed cards by Friday, November  6th at noon to the Student Health Center front desk (open Monday-Friday, 8-5).  The drawing for prizes will happen Friday, November  6th at 1pm and the winner will be notified via phone that day. 

All participants that complete at least 500 minutes during the Month of October will be eligible to be entered for a prize depending on the level of minutes they achieved.

Participants may scan completed cards to or fax to 719-255-4446.

Questions? Contact Katie Gordon at, or call 719-255-4448.  


Stevie R Guffey

So cool! I'm already doing this!