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Welcome! Thanks for visiting the Hot Notes, Fordham's premier vintage- and jazz-inspired a cappella group. 

You can learn more about the Hot Notes on our website, but rely on our Facebook and Instagram for the most up-to-date info on our gigs, auditions, and other adventures. Finally, check out our Youtube channel for videos of our live performances! 

Executive Board 2019-2020
President: Lailinda Xu (FCRH '20)
Vice President: Michael Rinaldi (FCRH '20)
Musical Director: Francis Fortaleza (FCRH '20)
Asst. Musical Director: Andrew Byrne (FCRH '20)
Representative: Amelia Antzoulatos (FCRH '21)




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Fordham's premier fusion, jazz-inspired a cappella group! We've been singing an eclectic mix of jazz standards and retro twists on today's hits since 2010.



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