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Welcome to Air & Sea Hospitality!

We are an organization that explores a very unique side of the hospitality industry not completely understood by many. A side that has seen so much progress in the last few decades and which continues to change each day. The aviation and cruise industry involves more than just purchasing a plane/cruise fare, boarding, and arriving at your destination. Every aspect of that simple process comes with variables that dictate everything ranging from the price you pay to the quality of service you receive onboard!

If you are passionate about the aviation or cruise industry, this is the organization for you. If you're curious about what the industries are all about, this is the organization for you. Even if your interests lie elsewhere (F&B, hotel, operations, marketing, finance, engineering, consulting, etc), come learn how your interests play an important role in two of the largest, most dynamic industries of the world.

For more information, join us on OrgSync, and complete this form. We look forward to seeing you!

Excerpt from Mission Statement

To promote professional development in different fields of airlines and cruise lines by exposing students to important sectors of the industry that widely impacts the various other facets of the hospitality business. The organization aims to foster leadership and professional growth while preparing members for future careers in the airlines or cruise lines where they may make positive contributions to two of the most dynamic industries in the world.

The purpose of this organization is to expose students to the various facets of the air and sea industries and gain a deep understanding of how these industries are interconnected with all other segments of the hospitality business. The organization aims to:

  • To establish both social and professional relationships with members who have an interest in aviation and cruise lines
  • Promote learning and discussion on issues or current events in the aviation and cruise industry
  • Provide networking opportunities and interactions with leaders and individuals in the various fields of aviation and cruises
  • To aid members in pursuing or advancing their careers in aviation or cruises by preparing them to make effective contributions to the industry through internship opportunities, seminars, tours, guest speakers, and other activities

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This organization explores the airline and cruise industry as a whole and exposes members to the various opportunities that exist within the businesses. We provide resources to help you learn more about the industry and build the knowledge and network to work in it it.


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This organization explores the airline and cruise industry as a whole and exposes members to the various opportunities that exist within the businesses. We provide resources to help you learn more about the industry and build the knowledge and network to work in it.

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