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Would you be in favor of a $26 increase in Student Fees in order for Texas Tech to buy new buses?

The Texas Tech Department of Transportation and Parking has requested a $26 capital fee added to our tuition in order to fund new buses for the campus. This fee would ensure that Texas Tech could increase the quality and efficiency of its transportation systems. Our youngest bus on campus is currently 12 years old, and our entire fleet is well beyond its usual life. With updates, our buses would be able to be tracked via iPhone/Android apps, and be more reliably on time.

If you have further questions, please attend our Transportation Town Hall.

The event will be held on Friday, October 9th from 1pm - 2:30pm in the Escondido Theater in the SUB. Our External Vice President, Caleb Fisher, and members of the Transportation & Parking Department will be in attendance to answer your questions.

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Patsy Matheny

I switched to commuter satellite parking this semester to save a few dollars and now realize that many cars over there don't pay and the ticket trucks scanning plates never come because the same vehicle will be parked all week long and covered so plates cannot be scanned. Maybe there is a few dollars there. I think $26 is reasonable, but is it for one year, one semester, or for how long?

Destiny D Molina

The money needs to be put towards more parking spots/ lots before we think about having new buses.

Benjamin T Sharp

I believe the point is to allow TTU to gain independence from Citibus, making us capable of controlling our own system/avoiding price gouging