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Comic Book League Spring 2017 Rike Hall 033

    As an English major with a passion for writing comics, Christopher Kouse, understood how hard and frustrating it can be to find other students on campus who are willing to admit that they too enjoyed his tastes in literature; and to his dismay, his skills as an artist were sub par at best. Thus he sought out a way in which students, similar to him, can meet under one roof in an environment where they may be free to express their opinions and show their talents without worry or fear of judgment. Hence the Comic Book League was born!

    The Comic Book League is a place to communicate with others on all things comic books, sci-fi, movies and the convention culture. It is a place to hold educational discussions on comic book news. Members are encouraged to take part in recreational experiences involving activities, games and display art work that relates to the comic book industry. We feel that some of the best stories ever told, were rooted in comics. It pushed the creative process to a higher standard and fosters intelligent conversation. In addition to celebrating comic books, it is a place to meet like minded people and make life long relationships. 

     If you have any questions regarding the Comic Book League, feel free to contact our President Daniel Hood at


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The Comic Book League is Wright State University’s primary hangout for students who appreciate comic book culture. We have an interest in all things comic book related, including film, virtual comics, manga, art, costume making and conventions. Our goal is to present comic books as an recreational activity that the common student can use to escape the real world. We also serve to unite Wright State University students who have similar passions and understand the value that comic books have to offer our community.
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6:30 PM

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Rike Hall 033 (Other Locations for Special Events)

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Daniel Hood

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Brianna Rosewater

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Chris Ratliff

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Audrey Banning

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Jesse Noble

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Audio Technician

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Stephanie Bange