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The Constitution Court, appointed by the ASUO President and confirmed by the Student Senate, serves as the Supreme Court for the ASUO. All rules, regulations and policies established by the ASUO Executive, the EMU Board and the Student Senate must be reviewed and approved by the Court as complying with the ASUO Constitution.

The five-member Court has the authority to rule on any question arising under the ASUO Constitution or any rule promulgated under it. This review power covers almost any action by ASUO government bodies, programs, and in special cases such as elections, actions by individual students within programs. The Court has broad powers to impose sanctions in order to compel compliance with its rulings. Court appointees serve as long as they remain students at the University of Oregon.

The Constitution Court can be reached by emailing


Student Government

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Meeting Day
  • Tuesday
Meeting Time

7-8 PM

Meeting Location

University of Oregon School of Law

Faculty Advisor Name

Becky Girvan