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Welcome to Leadership and Cultural Programs!

To be successful citizens and competitive employees students need
to be culturally competent and possess strong communication,
leadership, and personal management skills. 

We are committed to contributing to student success by promoting an inclusive campus community, developing students’ skills, and enhancing student retention and satisfaction through providing quality programs and resources.



Interested in Getting Involved?
Check Out Some of These Great Opportunities:

Chancellor's Leadership Academy
Miner Mentors
Global Leaders Institute

Adventures Abroad
Sue Shear Institute for Women in Public Life: 21st Century Leadership Academy
Student Leadership Conference
Cultural Awareness and Celebration Opportunities


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Our mission is to assist students in developing the tools they need to serve as successful leaders in a global community by:

- Creating educational opportunities;

- Creating a more inclusive environment;

- Collaborating with others dedicated to enhancing student’s educational experience through quality programs & resources; and

- Communicating the importance of developing leadership skills and global awareness.


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