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Organization Overview

Live Work Detroit is a advocacy group sponsored by the State of MIchigan whos goal is to promote the city of Detroit as a great place to live and work for undergraduate college students nearing graduation. Grand Valley State's branch is working with people in the state capital regulary to plan exicting trips to the city so that students can experience Detroit in ways that many who are not from the area do not realize exist. The goal of the program is to stimulate growth for Detroit and give the students on our campus a fresh take on what a great city Detroit can be.

Category Service & Advocacy
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Service & Advocacy


Lauren Heemstra

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Financial Officer

Rebecca Smith

Risk Management Officer

Madison Cook

General Officer

Jasmine Walker


Stephen Rowe


As a advocacy group, we are dedicated to promoting the city of Detroit on GVSU's campus. The goal of this group is to inform students about the great things happenning in Detroit, and enable them to experience those things as much as possible.

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  • Thursday

5:30 PM



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kirkhoff 2250

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