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Ahimsa's Army

Welcome to Ahimsa's Army, Wright State's Peace and Nonviolence Club.

('Ahimsa' means 'Nonviolence' by the way).

We promote peace scholarship and nonviolent activism.

Join us for our discussion meetings* or our regular public events.

"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Gandhi

*Currently, regular meetings are every Thursday at 6pm, E103 Student Union

Join us on Facebook!
We communicate mostly on our group page called "Ahimsa's Army", make sure to join this one: 

We also have a Facebook public page called "Nonviolent Action Pact - Ahimsa's Army":

Portal Information


Ahimsa's Army: Carrying the Sword that Heals. Ahimsa means Nonviolence in Sanskrit. We are advocates of peace education and nonviolent action. Vision: to create a community devoted to active nonviolence; i.e. a replicable organization that actively combats violence on the local and global level, using nonviolent means (educating and applying the lessons of Gandhi and King on the local level). "A nonviolent army acts unlike armed men, as well in times of peace as in times of disturbances. Theirs will be the duty of bringing warring communities together, carrying peace propaganda, engaging in activities that would bring and keep them in touch with every single person in their parish or division. Such an army should be ready to cope with any emergency, and in order to still the frenzy of mobs should risk their lives in numbers sufficient for that purpose." "Satyagraha [truth-force] brigades can be organized in every village and every block of buildings in the cities." - M. K. Gandhi


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Student Union

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Trisha Kretzer

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Brandon Werwa

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John Klugh

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Arvind Elangovan

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Assistant Professor