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Graphic Design Request Form

CSU Graphic Design Office is located in CSU220.

CSU GRAPHIC DESIGN HOURS FOR SUMMER 2018 (Summer semester hours are currently being established). Please call the Graphic Design Office at 507-389-1357 to schedule or confirm an appointment. Call Lenny Koupal, CSU Communications Coordinator at 507-389-6744 for further assistance.

Spring 2018 CSU Graphic Designers: Austin Hassebroek, Brittany Kjelden; Summer 2018 CSU Graphic Designers: Austin Hassebroek, Tycen Rhodes                        

CSU Communications Coordinator: Lenny Koupal; email:; office phone: 507-389-6744. Graphic Design office phone: 507-389-1357.


  • Make sure all information is complete and finalized before submitting request.
  • All requests should be submitted at least 14 days before the project needs to be completed, projects with multiple parts (like brochures and booklets) or multiple formats (an event that has posters, buttons, fliers etc.) should be allowed even more time. Forms submitted UNDER 14 days from expected project completion date will be considered relative to our workload. Please note in your scheduling that the graphic design office is closed when classes are not in session.
  • Once the graphic design request is received CSU graphic designers will attempt to contact the requesting party to discuss the project, assure correction information and establish a conceptual design.
  • At about the half-point mark in design production, a design proof will be send to the requesting party and the organization's advisor to approve the design development. A reply is expected within 3 working day. Delays after that time risk having the project moved to the bottom of the production schedule and further risk having the project miss its proposed deadline date.
  • ! After the half-point approval, any conceptual changes to the design will be considered a new design submittal and the project at that point will go to the bottom of the production schedule!
  • The final proof will include a PUBLISHING APPROVAL FORM that must be signed by the requesting party. The form includes opportunities for requesting editing changes to the agreed design. Requested changes will be made with 2 working days of the request. The requesting party has the option of requesting subsequent publishing approval form/s for reviewing and approval requested edits to the publication at which time the approval process will be repeated. Signing this form signifies that you have reviewed/approved the submitted design for such items, but not limited to, format/layout, graphic content (including photographs) copy content and spelling and grammatical approval. 
  • After the final approval, it will be the client's responsibility to contact the University Print/Copy Shop and proceed with the actually printing of the pdf document. Should the Print/Copy Shop request changes before printing, the CSU Graphics Design Team will assist in making the necessary adjustments. The client will be responsible for picking up the document at the Print/Copy Shop once it is printed. The CSU Graphic Design Shop also requests the receipt of two copies of the printed document for our files.

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