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Welcome to the Photography Club at Wright State University. If you are into photography then this is the place to be. If you are still not sure about it then you are welcome to join us and find out! Everyone is welcomed in here ^_^



Photography Club Team

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The purpose of the photography club is to provide a knowledge sharing experience for photographers and those with interest in photography. The aim of the club is to inspire and encourage talents acquisition for photography in adding value to the community through practicing conceptual photography, providing media support for university’s functions, photo walks / photography trips, documentaries / movie nights, photo critic workshops, Beginner and advanced photography workshops and Setting up photo galleries on campus.


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President's Name

Ahmad Al-Yacoub

President's Email
Treasurer's Name

Mohsin Alborai

Treasurer's Email
Vice President's Name

Khalid AlSahli

Vice President's Email
Secretary's Name

Yazeed Alkhalifah

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Advisor's Name

Jeannette Horwitz

Advisor's Phone

(937) 775-2935

Advisor's Wright State University Title

Director of LEAP Program