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Powered by University of Miami's William R. Butler Center for Volunteer Service and Leadership Development, this page hosts all volunteer opportunities for the University of Miami community. Opportunities are uploaded to this site by our office, UM departments and our partners in the local Miami community.

See upcoming service opportunities opportunities on the right side of this page, click on "See All" to see a full list of all upcoming opportunities. You can also quickly access service opportunities from the homepage of the University of Miami's OrgSync by selecting "Service Opportunities" at the top of the page.

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We offer a wide range of volunteer and advocacy-based service opportunities for UM students, staff and local community members including one-day special events, classroom experiences, ongoing involvement with over 40 service organizations, and volunteer opportunities during fall and spring break.

Additionally, we challenge students to think about leadership beyond the traditional leadership paradigm, thereby gaining an understanding of different approaches to service and leadership.



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University Station

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M-F 9-5


1330 Miller Drive, Student Activities Center Room #204




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The Butler Center for Service and Leadership Staff

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