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The UNC Charlotte Archery club wants more of you to come out to shoots next year!
Please answer the two questions on this survey to help the officers figure out how best to do this; should only take you about two minutes!


Welcome to the UNCC Archery page. 

Our goal with this club is to promote and spread our love of archery with everyone we possibly can and give students a place to have fun while honing their archery skills. ALL skill levels are welcome including people with no experience. 

Be sure to join the Archery Facebook page. Facebook is a more used website so most members tend to notice information posted there than if it were posted here including meeting times and dates:

All new members must fill out a sports medical waiver (listed under "Forms") before participating in any group practices.  Please allow several days for the waiver to be approved.

Read all range rules and be ready to adhere to them during meets to ensure safety of all members. This is a WEAPONS sports club. Bows are dangerous if handled improperly so every possible safety precaution is set into place and will be strictly adhered to by all range personnel. The rules can be found here:

Our regular practices are more social than competitive. We will have some practices dedicated to those interested in competing (all levels from novice to expert or welcome to this as well!)  Please visit the "Communication>Discussions" page for detailed formation about competition with US Collegiate Archery.


Summer 2014 Officers

President: Chirag Patel

Vice President: Nicole Greene

Treasurer: Zach White

Secretary: -- Chris "Hudson" Reynolds

Equipment Manager: Patrick Thewlis


Archery Field Location on Google Maps:

Map to Archery Field



Portal Information


Charlotte Archery is a club for people of all skill levels to have a place to practice archery. The regular practices are both social and educational. All archers (novice to expert) are encouraged to compete in US Collegiate Archery events, and some practices will be dedicated to their training.


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