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Kristen Gleason
Apr 14, 2014

Clubhouse News-Spring Term, Week 3

Apr 14, 2014 by Kristen Gleason

Greetings Club Ducks!

Welcome to Week 3 of spring term.  Did you know that UO Club Sports currently emits 116 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually? Yikes!  Although Club Sports strives to use group travel to reduce our carbon footprint, we have a lot of club ducks traveling each week to far away places.

To help offset our program's carbon footprint, I encourage your clubs to participate in the Club Sports ECO CHALLENGE.  This is our featured Service & Outreach Opportunity this month, so check it out and earn some Spirit Points for your club!



Transition Workshop Follow up -Nice seeing folks at Transition Workshop! Remember--good leaders lay a path for those who follow. If you are an outgoing officer, remember to use the Transition Action Guide to help plan activities that will tee up your new officers for success in 2014/15.


The committee has started to meet for spring term.  Questions? Contact- and during their office hours.


Your clubs are invited to participated in the EMERALD ECOCHALLENGE.

Participating clubs who have at least 5 members register during the month of April will earn 250 spirit points and will be entered into a raffle to win $150 Duck Bucks in their club account. Any club officer that posts a blog entry on the site about their club participation will earn $25.00 in their club account.

What do you need to do?

If you are a club officer, provide club members the link to register.  Instruct them to register themselves as participants, and when prompted for "Organization" --they should  list  UO Club Sports (sport name).  At the end of the month, Club Sports will get a list of club participants and announce winners in May.

There are lots of fun, easy activities you can commit to doing as a group this month to reduce your carbon footprint---some examples may be---carpooling to practices, riding your bikes to practices, getting together for a group vegetarian dinner.

What the heck are spirit points? It is part of a new incentive program. You can learn more here.


Rowing-Congratulations to all crews for a day of great racing at the Covered Bridge Regatta!
Oregon Rowing took home Bronze for the MV8+ and the MN8+, and silver for the WV8+!!

Wushu--Good luck at Nationals in Maryland!


Spring van trainings are posted here.  The next one is Wed, April 16 12pm-2pm

Please sign up in advance – contact Stephanie at with your:

Student ID Number
Drivers License # and State
Date of Birth
Club Affiliation


The Career Center will be hosting the Spring Career Fair on Wednesday, April 16th at the EMU. For more info, click here.

If you are a graduating club officer, don't forget to highlight that experience on your resumes. Oh, you thought you were just having fun in your club? Coordinating a positive membership experience for your team is hard work.  I encourage you to think about your experience as a club officer this year and incorporate that into your resumes and Linkedin profiles.

Eight out of 10 employers who review the resumes of potential college hires are seeking evidence of leadership skills,”

Did you---

  • Coordinate travel for your club? 
  • Create and manage a budget for your club? 
  • Create unique fundraising opportunities for your club?
  • Write a newsletter for your club?

If you need help with your resume, there are plenty of resources for you to take advantage of at the Career Center.