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2018 Student Leaders' Awards Ceremony Nominations

No organization or individual having received an award will be eligible for the same award within five years.
Questions? Contact Asem Abdulrahman at
Last day for nominations is Friday, March 30th at noon.


Please nominate anyone you feel is deserving for the following awards:

Remarkable Student Group
This award will be given to a student group that shows outstanding commitment to the principles of leadership on which the Missouri University of Science and Technology was founded. They will have shown dedication to their chosen purpose and significant contribution to the University.

Most Improved Organization
This award will be given to a student organization that demonstrates significant growth from the previous school year. This growth should be in the form of redefining the organization's focus, better achieving the focus, and overall improvement in stature and contributions to the University.

Most Spirited Missouri Miner Award
This award will be given to a student whose show of campus spirit is truly stellar. The award will be judged on the student's ability to spread spirit throughout the campus with his or her actions and words.

Outstanding Student Advocate
This award will be given to a student or faculty/staff member who has shown outstanding dedication to the pursuit of the cause of the students of Missouri S&T. The award will be judged based on the contributions to the betterment of student lives affected by the candidate.

Extraordinary Faculty/Staff Award
This award will be given to the faculty or staff member who is judged to have the best supported the development of personal and leadership skills in the classroom, through advising, or in any other role related to the University. The candidate will have shown himself/herself to be a great credit to the University.

Diversity Recognition Award
This award is to honor any student, staff, or faculty member at the Missouri University of Science & Technology who has made a significant and sustained contribution to diversity. The winner should have taken a leadership role in; increasing, improving the climate at Missouri S&T for diverse groups, and/or educating members of the Missouri S&T community to appreciate an increasingly diverse campus and society.

The Keystone Award
Behind every great leader is a person who serves as a source of strength and encouragement. This individual indirectly influences life at the University by listening to our leaders and by helping them through especially difficult times. Often, this person is reluctant to be recognized; however, without this person's guidance and insight, our leaders would have a far more difficult burden to bear. The Keystone Award goes to the individual, within or outside Missouri S&T, who does not necessarily assume a formal leadership role, but acts as a confidant to those who publicly serve the University.

Please give detailed examples for better understanding of the individual's leadership.

Once you have completed these nominations, please check out the following award nomination form

Student Life: 2018 Extraordinary Student Leadership Award Nomination Form

This form closed on March 30, 2018 4:00 PM CDT