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First Fall Semester Meeting

Wednesday, Aug 28, 12 pm
English Department Conference Room (top floor of the Humanities building)

Free pizza!

We'll be meeting to plan and discuss future events for the fall semester. In particular, we'll be setting the dates for the meetings, movie nights, and game nights as well as discussing more broadly ideas for larger events.

Will you be attending?

Much Ado About Nothing Trip

Tuesday, Jul 2, 3:30 pm

We'll be going to see Joss Whedon's new film version of Much Ado About Nothing in St. Louis tomorrow at the 7:00 showing of the Tivoli Theatre. Tickets are $9 apiece, and we'll be eating dinner together somewhere in St. Louis before the movie, so plan on spending some for that too. We'll meet up at the Coffee Mine at 3:30 to carpool. Please e-mail Sherry with any questions you might have.

Here's the trailer. Should be...

Will you be attending?

Stephenie E Lynch commented on the news post Surveyed!


Hi all!

I finished that survey--so we're eligible for whatever monetary prizes... ;)

I also uploaded a file of ideas for fundraising, recruiting, etc from the survey. Most of it isn't really new--but I think it's probably still a good idea to check it out. 

I hope the meeting went well yesterday--and I'll see everyone soon!

Dr Dolan



Sharon R Smith

Awesome! Thanks for taking care of that. And we need all of the recruiting ideas we can get!

Sharon R Smith

Just took a look at the ideas, and there are some great ones on there! Definitely going to print those out and bring them to the next meeting!

Stephenie E Lynch

I really like them as well. The craft sale idea sounds really fun - maybe we can combine it with an event and set up a booth to have people make their own bookmarks. Just throwing an idea out there. :)