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      Welcome to the Robotics Competition Team page! We are a multidisciplinary design team with an emphasis on hands-on, team-based projects. Every aspect of the team's robots are designed and built entirely by the members of the team.

      This team is open to all majors and has four different divisions to get involved in: the mechanical division, the electrical division, the computing division, and the public relations division. Suffice it to say that there is a niche for everyone to fill!

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The Missouri S&T Robotics Competition Team competes in two annual competitions: the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition and NASA Robotic Mining Competition.
The IGVC competition is an autonomous obstacle navigation course that challenges teams to build robots that follow GPS waypoints and avoid obstacles while staying fully autonomous. The NASA RMC challenge requires students to design and build a mining robot that can travel across rocky, uneven terrain, excavate regolith, and deposit it into a collection bin.



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