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Hello! Welcome!

Use the tabs above to navigate our page! Here is a brief description of each:

  • People
    • Use the people module to list all the people in the RCHA community, and browse subgroups.
    • Click on "All People" to see a listing of the groups to browse, like committees or boards. 
    • You can find out someone's role in the RCHA by looking at their title under their name. It's usually the floor they represent.
  • Events
    • This is where you can list your program or community event to let people know about it! 
    • Use the event to keep track of who is attending, and let people know more information.
  • Files
    • Curious about spending floor funds? Want to know the RCHA Executive Boards' office hours? 
    • Files contains clear documentation on agendas, budgets, minutes and more!
  • News
    • Use this to make an update/announcement to the whole RCHA. It is more of a one way communication, not related to an event.
    • This lists all RCHA events on a color coded calendar. 
    • USEFUL: Click on 'Share' and then the appropriate link for Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook (WebCal) to sync the RCHA calendar to S&T email account's calendar! It is a super easy way to keep track of RCHA events. 
  • Messaging (Under More)
    • This tool allows you to send an email directly to groups (like committees) or individuals in RCHA. 
    Photos & Videos (Under More)
    • It is the responsibility of the Vice President to document RCHA programs and record them. They can share the pictures or videos here.
  • Contact Information
    • Courtney Gann - President
      • RC 2-2 2202
      • Email:
      • Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 3pm-4pm, RCHA Office: RC 2-1105
    • Kelly-Marie Christensen - Vice President
      • RC 1-3 3213
      • Email:
      • Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 10am-11am, RCHA Office: RC 2-1105
    • Madalyn Gutierrez - Secretary
      • RC 2-2 2202 
      • Email:
      • Office Hours: Monday 1:30pm-3:30pm, RCHA Office: RC 2-1105
    • Dylan Thompson - Treasurer/Finance Officer
      • RC 1-3 3232
      • Email:
      • Office Hours: Tuesday 4pm-5pm, Thursday 11:30am-12:30pm, RCHA Office: RC 2-1105


Portal Information


The purpose of this organization shall be to govern, with the coordination of RHA, through programming and policy decision, and to serve as a representative of students living in the Residential Commons.