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Have you ever wanted to know how to make a 250 pound concrete boat not only float, but also support the weight of four paddlers?

Get out of the classroom and join the concrete canoe design team to find out how!

All majors are welcome and encouraged!

Like our Facebook page to see pictures from the past couple years:

Opportunities to get involved:

  • Concrete Mix Design
  • Mold Construction
  • Theme Design & Development
  • Paddling
  • Leadership Positions

General Meetings:

Wednesdays at 6pm - Butler-Carlton Hall room 124


General Safety Training and Basic Machine Shop Training are required for all members of design teams in order to have access to the Student Design Center.

Extra training sessions are available for the ceramics room and other equipment in the design lab.

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Applying a normal material to an abnormal application, students hand craft a canoe made of concrete to compete against other engineering schools in a variety of racing conditions. Students must design a hull that minimizes drag in the water, is strong enough to support several paddlers, remains buoyant when completely filled with water, and is as lightweight as possible. Each team is judged on engineering reports and presentations, proven data from core sample strength tests, and a boat cross-section that displays the students' manufacturing process. Then, teams prove their canoes meet the design tasks by racing head-to-head in slalom and endurance events against other top universities.



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