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Organization Overview

We are Grand Valley's chapter of the larger Amnesty International. Amnesty International defends human rights through research, mobilizing its members, and taking action to and inform the international community and pressure institutions (governments, businesses, etc.) to end human rights violations. We utilize the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as established by the United Nations.

Category Service & Advocacy
Keywords human rights, justice, protests, defend, campaign, humanity, UDHR, international

Service & Advocacy


Jessica Wehby

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Financial Officer

Arin Thacker

Risk Management Officer

Samantha Lynn

General Officer

Casey Wisley


Coeli Fitzpatrick


The mission of Amnesty International is to put a stop to any and all human rights violations across the globe. This includes working to end the death penalty, promote LGBT and women's rights, and demand dignity for all humans as described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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  • Thursday

9:00 PM



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Kirkhof 1104

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