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Haraldur R Karlsson
Apr 1, 2012

Knight Raiders National Champions 2012-2013!

Apr 1, 2012 by Haraldur R Karlsson

The Knight Raiders defended their national college chess title successfully this morning in Washington, DC. It was a nail-biter coming down to the last game in the last round.  Tech had drawn, UMBC in round 1 and defeated NYU in round 2.  However, they had black on board one in round 1 and in round 3 (last round) vs. both UMBC and UTD!  In the last round Tech and UTD drew on boards 1-3 and the situation looked very dicy on board 4 where Andre Diamant was battling Conrad Holt.  However, Andre managed to hold and drew and thus the title went to TTU on a tie-break based on game points.  Tech had defeated NYU 4-0 and that made the difference!

Please congratulate Georg Meier (German), Elshan Moradiabadi (Iranian), Analtoly Bykhovsky (Israeli), Andre Diamant (Brazilian), Denes Boros (Hungarian), Vitali Neimer (Israeli) and Faik Alesgerov (Aerbaijanian) and of course their coaches Susan Polgar and Paul Truong.