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Haraldur R Karlsson
Dec 31, 2010

Pan-Ams 2010 - Knight Raiders win awards

Dec 31, 2010 by Haraldur R Karlsson

The three Knight Raiders chess teams went all out in the six and final round of the Pan-Ams.  All teams were in contention for national titles in their categories.  The A-team refused a draw offer from UTD-A and went for the win.  Paul had figured out that even if they lost they would still qualify for the Final Four.  Initially all our A-Team boards were winning and it looked like a 4-0 but later the wheels came of the wagon and they wound up losing 1.5 vs. 2.5.  It was a heart-breaking loss but is a sign of things to come.  Next year (2011) we will be losing Davorin,who will graduate from the Business School. but adding at least one GM and possibly more.  We will also get several other strong non-titled players.  I hope you all congratulate the team members when they are back in town. 

This is from Susan's Blog:

Texas Tech B team (L to R: Chase Watters, Josh Osbourn, Brian Cassidy, Rebecca Lelko, John Flores) tied for 1st at the 2010 PanAm Intercollegiate Division II Championship with Miami Dade! 

Texas Tech C team (L to R: Mara Diamant, Ananya Roy, Zach Haskin, Brett James) tied for 1st at the 2010 PanAm Intercollegiate Division IV Championship with Yale.

Texas Tech A team (GM Davorin Kuljasevic, GM Andre Diamant, GM Anatoly Bykhovsky, IM Istvan Sipos) qualified for the Final Four again. They will face UTD, UTB, and UMBC in April for the President's Cup.

GM Andre Diamant tied with GM Erenburg for best individual performance on board 2. GM Anatoly Bykhovsky got the best individual performance on board 3.