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Zachary J Haskin
Nov 17, 2010

Information for Now til Pan-Ams

Nov 17, 2010 by Zachary J Haskin

Hey guys,

Just a little more information as we keep trudging through this semester. The largest part- the Spice Cup through State, is over. Now we are down to Pan-Ams. Some information may not pertain to you, but I guarantee something will.

First off, to the B teamers that went to state: bring your receipts tomorrow to the meeting if you want any chance at being reimbursed for food and such. We are not guarateeing that this will be reimbursed, but if you want any chance, bring them tomorrow. Do not try and bring any receipt with anything alcoholic or with tobacco; it will not go through. What you will need to do is bring in a sheet with your name on it, the names of the locations and the prices you spent, followed by the total spent at the bottom. Don't put the flight since we have already turned that part in (taxi and shuttle rides and baggage are acceptable to put in). I will attach an example one to see. We are turning this in to SGA on Friday afternoon, so if you don't show up and turn in those receipts, there is no way that you will get reimbursed on the extras. If you can't make it tomorrow, call Brett or me and we can try and work something out on picking it up before Friday afternoon. Again, we are not guaranteeing this will be refunded, but if you want a chance for it, put it in.

Secondly, Pan-Ams is rapidly approaching. You should have bought your ticket already, but if you have not, buy it ASAP, as in before the 20th. If you don't have your ticket a month out, you may be on your own on paying, so get it now. Remember the cap will be $400 this time as well, but try and conserve money for the club as much as possible. I booked off Frontier Airlines for $250 as opposed to the same trip from American for $400, so be smart when booking. If you have booked already, please bring two receipts of your plane ticket for Pan-Ams tomorrow, as I will be collecting them. The faster we get this stuff in, the faster that you will get reimbursed. Let's get it in quickly and not drag it out like last year. Remember, DO NOT BOOK FROM WEBSITES SUCH AS ORBITZ, EXPEDIA, STUDENT UNIVERSE, ETC. USE THE ACTUAL AIRLINE'S WEBSITE TO BOOK. That's SGA rules, not ours.

Third, please update your Orgsync stuff. If you are going to Pan-Ams, please indicate on the website (as well as any other tournaments that you will play in or played. Check the events page for the list). Some of you still have not responded to the Pan-Ams page (cough cough Brian, Andre, John, Rebecca, Lilia, Ananya). Also, if you are teaching at a school or something, add it to your timesheet so we can properly document it and have the hours that you have taught on record. You can also add in times you have been a TD, helped with cleanup at a tournament, or anything of that nature. Remember to have somebody in power there sign-off on it (example, have the school teacher who runs the club sign off for you via email). Please send Peggy and Susan an email with where you are teaching, what day, and how many kids are there.

Lastly, don't forget the tailgate this weekend! It starts at 11am and will be somewhere near the engingeering key. Make sure to email Paul or Dr. K that you will be attending so they can get enough food. Davorin will be recgonized at the football game, so cheer the team on as we become bowl eligible with a win and support Davorin. Raider Power!

Thanks guys! Let's push hard to get through this next month and a half academically and chess-wise!


PS: Rating changes from State: Anatoly: 2658, Andre 2492, Steve 2413, Ananya 1699, Josh 1906, myself 1899, Brian 1887, Rebecca 1946, Brett 1742, Shail 1312. The A team was 3rd and the B team was 4th. Anatoly tied for 2nd. Go Tech!