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Zachary J Haskin
Nov 8, 2010

November and December Chess Information

Nov 8, 2010 by Zachary J Haskin

Hey guys,

Here is some useful information for our upcoming schedule in November and December. It's going to be action-packed, and knowing the information is crucial to getting it all running smoothly.

First off, the Spice Cup is going on in the Matador room in the Sub (upstairs) daily from 2pm to about 7pm typically. This is the strongest round robin in USCF history, and it's right here in Lubbock. Take advantage of the opportunity! They have had some very instructive games to see, and it's always cool to watch the players analyze after the games. There are several top players ranked in the top 100 in the world, with one in the top 25 (Zoltan Almasi at 2721!) as well as several top youngesters, such as Welsey So, Darwin Yang, and Ray Robson. With such top level competition from these players (including our Tech GM's and Gergely!), it would be a big mistake to not come watch a couple days. You don't have to stay long, but please check out the games live and socialize with the players some. It makes a big difference when it is more than just myself and Brett in there watching or running the relays.

Secondly, there is a group coming from Norway tonight. They are in a special high school for the top athletes and such in Norway, and they are going to play in the Spice Fide Open (and all are rated between 2000-2300, so they add a great deal to our tourney!). While they are here, we are going to be spending a lot of time with them, as they are all potentially interested in coming to TTU for college. I am in charge of the social stuff between the KR and the Norwegians, so be checking for emails and text messages about information. Please attend those things, because we all know that the more involved we are, the more likely they are to enjoy their stay and want to return. Some of the things on the list are a soccer game, Main Event, the Corn Maize, and many other things, so please let me know if you will make these when I send out information. If you have some good ideas for other events, let me know and we can try and do them. There will be both guys and girls, so we will need both guys and girls to come out to the events.

Thirdly, the Spice Cup Fide Open is this weekend. It is 6 rounds of G/90 + 30 second increments per move. It is FIDE rated, and we currently have around 20 players rated between 1800-2100, so this will be a great chance to play some strong competition without it being your teammates (hopefully!). There are 2 GMs, Kacheishvili and Agdestein (the Norwegian coach) and our own IM, Steve Sipos. Entry fee is $50 if you have a Fide rating and get it in by tomorrow, $75 without a Fide (minimum 1400 USCF requirement). It will cost $25 more on site, so register today or tomorrow if you haven't.

Next, if you are going to state, make sure to get your receipts for your plane flight to Dr. Karlsson and Peggy. Both are in and out at the Spice Cup, or you can email them (<> and<> ) if you need to meet up and get them your information. There is a cap on how much each person will receive, so if you haven't booked yet, don't expect a full refund; you were given plenty of time. IF YOU HAVE NOT PAID YOUR KR DUES, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PENNY OF SGA FUNDING FOR REIMBURSEMENTS FOR ANY TOURNAMENT. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Pay your dues, pay your dues, pay your dues. $25 for a semester, or $40 for the whole year.

If you are going to Pan-Ams and have not booked your flight to Milwaukee yet, do so now. That is Dec 27-30, but many will be flying in the night before (the 26th), so that is okay if you need to do so. Look around before buying your ticket; there will be a cap, and if your flight goes over the cap, you will not be reimbursed beyond a certain amount. Book straight from the airlines; do not use orbitz, student universe, travelocity, etc. Use<><> etc etc. I WOULD recommend using these sites to find the best deal (ex: i went to student universe and found Frontier Airlines for $250 as opposed to American for $400), but afer finding the deal go to the airline's website and book from their website. I know it's a hassle, but we have to comply with Student Government if we want them to reimburse us (A team, check with Susan about how she wants it done for Spice reimbursements for both Pan-Ams and State.) Once again, get receipts to Dr. K and Peggy asap after booking.

Also, Dr. K needs somebody with artistic talent and another with a big truck (F150) to move the spirit board. If you are able to do either of these, plese help out in some way. This is OUR organization, and we need to be involved with it. Brett and I have been taking care of a lot of the logistic stuff for the Spice Cup, reimbursements, running concession at tourneys, etc, and we need others to step up with things like the spirit board. If you know anybody with artistic talent or a big truck, message Dr. K and work it out.

Lastly, please update your orgsync information. Say what you are going to be at and not be at, and put a picture up if you haven't. It takes five minutes and makes it better organized for us.

I think that's about it for now (minus the tailgate, but I don't have the information on it). I know that is a lot of information, but thanks for reading it all! This will be helpful to use to remember info, so print it out or keep it saved.

Thanks a million guys,