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Haraldur R Karlsson
Aug 30, 2013

Chess World Cup Final

Aug 30, 2013 by Haraldur R Karlsson

The final playoff games, between former World Champion, Russian Grandmaster Vladimir Kramnik, and fellow countryman Grandmaster (GM) Dimitry Andreikin, are under way in the Norwegian city Tromso.  These two were left standing in field of 128 of the world's best chess players after 7 rounds.  Each round consisted of two games and winners of each round advanced to the next.   Grandmaster Alexander Onischuck (#77 on world list), coach of the Knight Raiders Chess Teams, qualified for the super-st...

Haraldur R Karlsson
May 9, 2013

TTU Chess Coach Competes in 2013 U.S. Chess Championship

May 9, 2013 by Haraldur R Karlsson

Grandmaster Alexander Onischuck, new coach of the TTU Chess Teams, is currently competing in the 2013 US Chess Championship.  Alex, who came in seeded number 3 has been doing quite well, and is after 6 rounds (games) in 2nd place with 4.5 points out of 6.0.  He is tied with former UTD player Grandmaster Alejandro Ramirez who has been surging lately is in 3rd place with 4.5 points also.  Top seed, Grandmaster Gata Kamsky, still leads the field with 5.0.  Alex has not lost a game yet and after ...

Haraldur R Karlsson
Apr 1, 2013

Norwegian Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen wins Candidates Tournament today in London

Apr 1, 2013 by Haraldur R Karlsson

Norwegian wunderkind Magnus Carlsen, 22 years of age, won the Candidates Tournament today (April Fool's Day).  Carlsen will challenge the Vishy Anand (India) later this year in a match for the World Chess Champion title.  Magnus is the youngest person to challenge for title since Gary Kasparov.  Eight top-level grandmasters qualified for the tournament: Magnus Carlsen (Norway), Vladimir Kramnik (Russia), Peter Svidler (Russia), Alexander Grischuck (Russia), Vassily Ivanchuck (Ukraine),...

Haraldur R Karlsson
Mar 23, 2013

Candidates Tournament in full swing! Watch it live!

Mar 23, 2013 by Haraldur R Karlsson

The candidates tournament that determines who will play Vishy Anand for the World Chess Championship is now in full swing at IET Savoy Place in London.  Eight top-level chess grandmasters vie for the honor namely Magnus Carlsen (2872) of Norway, Vladimir Kramnik (2810) of Russia, Levon Aronian (2809) of Armenia, Teimour Radjabov (2793) of Azerbijan, Alexander Grischuk (2764) of Russia, Vassily Ivanchuck (2757) of Ukraine, Peter Svidler (2747) of Russia and Boris Gelfand (2740) of Israel (p...

Haraldur R Karlsson
Jan 8, 2013

Knight Raiders Compete in 2012 Pan-Ams at Princeton University and Win Awards!

Jan 8, 2013 by Haraldur R Karlsson

The Knight Raiders competed in the Pan-American Team Chess Tournament that took place on the beutiful Princeton University campus Dec. 27-30th.  The Knight Raiders Chess Club along with the TTU Chess Program fielded three teams  (A, B, and C) each consisting of four players.  Also in attendance were the TTU Chess Program Director (Al Lawrence), Coach (Grandmaster Alex Onischuck), and head of Outreach (International Master Alfonso Almeida) and Knight Raiders Club Advisor (Dr. Karlsson).  Ou...

Haraldur R Karlsson
Apr 1, 2012

Knight Raiders National Champions 2012-2013!

Apr 1, 2012 by Haraldur R Karlsson

The Knight Raiders defended their national college chess title successfully this morning in Washington, DC. It was a nail-biter coming down to the last game in the last round.  Tech had drawn, UMBC in round 1 and defeated NYU in round 2.  However, they had black on board one in round 1 and in round 3 (last round) vs. both UMBC and UTD!  In the last round Tech and UTD drew on boards 1-3 and the situation looked very dicy on board 4 where Andre Diamant was battling Conrad Holt.  However, And...

Haraldur R Karlsson
Mar 31, 2012

Knight Raiders to Defend National Title in Final Four of Chess over the Weekend.

Mar 31, 2012 by Haraldur R Karlsson

The Knight Raiders will defend their National Championship title in DC this weekend.  The rounds are as follows (Each time as four players): Saturday 10 am: Round 1: UMBC vs. TTU (Tech is black on board 1),  Saturday   5 pm: Round 2: TTU vs. NYU (Tech is white on board 1) Sunday      9 am: Round 3: UTD vs. TTU (Tech is black on board 1)   Tech is the highest rated team but the color assignment do not favor them since they are black on board one for the crucial rounds wh...

Haraldur R Karlsson
Feb 27, 2012

Knight Raiders Clinch Individual Titles at US g/15 Championship in Albuquerque

Feb 27, 2012 by Haraldur R Karlsson

Last weekend three members of the Knight Raiders played in the US g/15 Championship (each player has 15 minutes for the game).  All three preformed extremely well.  The following news release comes from Paul Truong: Grandmaster Georg Meier went 6-0 to win the 2012 US g/15 Championship! The event was held on the campus of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. In October 2011, Meier won the SPICE Cup Blitz Championship and finished 2nd in the SPICE Cup A group, the highest rat...

Haraldur R Karlsson
Feb 20, 2012

Knight Raiders clinch Southwest Collegiate Championship!

Feb 20, 2012 by Haraldur R Karlsson

The following story comes form Paul Truong who accompanied the players to Dallas this weekend: Knight Raiders win Southwest Collegiate ahead of UTD, UTB, and Texas A&M  The Texas Tech Knight Raiders have just captured the 2012 Southwest Collegiate Chess Championship in Dallas, Texas. Hometown team and top seed UT Dallas finished second while UT Brownsville finished third. Texas A&M finished in fourth place. This is an incredible victory for the Knight Raiders as two of the tea...

Haraldur R Karlsson
Feb 13, 2012

TTU Student Senate honors Georg Meier

Feb 13, 2012 by Haraldur R Karlsson

Please find a Senate Resolution prepared last year honoring Georg Meier.  Congratulations Georg!  The document can be found under the "Files" icon.

Haraldur R Karlsson
Jan 30, 2012

Daily Toreador covers Fifth Annual Lubbock Open

Jan 30, 2012 by Haraldur R Karlsson

The Daily Toreador published a nice front-page article covering the Lubbock Open today.  If you need a copy let me know - otherwise grab one on campus.  Good job everyone who worked at the tournament.  It was the largest chess tournament in Lubbock history I believe (170 participants) with levels ranging from novices to high-level Grandmasters!

Haraldur R Karlsson
Nov 11, 2011

TTU student Georg Meier and Germany are European Team Chess Champions 2011!

Nov 11, 2011 by Haraldur R Karlsson

Grandmaster Georg Meier and Germany just clinched the 18th European Chess Team Chess Championship by beating Armenia in the 9th and last round.  This is the first time that Germany wins the this tournament.   Georg Meier a, TTU freshman, and a Knight Raider A-team member, played a vital role in securing the title for the German team.  It literally came down to his game against Movsesian were Georg had the black pieces.  Since the games on the remaining three boards were drawn it was up...

Haraldur R Karlsson
Nov 10, 2011

Team Germany with Knight Raider Meier to play for European Team Chess Championships Title!

Nov 10, 2011 by Haraldur R Karlsson

Tech student Georg Meier's team, Germany, is doing much better than expected in the European Team Chess Championships.  Germany came into the tournament ranked 10 (out of 38 team) and is now in second place.  Germany defeated defending European Team Champ, Azerbaijan, today and will face first-place Armenia in 9th and final round tomorrow. Third-place Azerbaijan will play sixth-place Romania.  The race for first place is tight and will be exciting to watch.  I suggest that you log onto the...

Haraldur R Karlsson
Nov 8, 2011

European Team Chess Championships 2011 - Tech Student Meier doing well

Nov 8, 2011 by Haraldur R Karlsson

The European Team Chess Championships finished its six round today.  Meier has played for native country, Germany, in every round.  His team drew Israel in round two,  beat Hungary in round three,  beat the Ukraine in round four, lost to Bulgaria in round five and beat Italy in round six.  Meier (playing on board two except in round 6) drew in rounds 3 and 4, lost in round 5 but won in rounds 4 and 6.  In round 6 he played first board for Germany and defeated Fabiano Caruna who is rated at...

Haraldur R Karlsson
Nov 3, 2011

European Team Championships Open 2011 - Meier draws

Nov 3, 2011 by Haraldur R Karlsson

Knight Raider and Grandmaster, Georg Meier, drew with white against Grandmaster Dragisa Blagojevic of Montenegro.  Germany won the match 3 vs. 1 and will face Israel tomorrow.