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Welcome! We practice twice a week in Studio C on Tuesdays (7-9pm) and Sundays (1-3pm). No prior experience required! No shorts! Wear comfortable pants and sneakers and come prepared to sweat! Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art incorporating dance and song, acrobatics, and most importantly, the game. Thus, Capoeira is not fought, it is played. Capoeira Wright State is partnered with Capoeira Dayton (including Wright State and Sinclair) to promote awareness and participation in this Afro-Brazilian art form. Capoeira (prounounced 'cap-o-where-ah') has roots stretching all the way back to the 1500's following the Transatlantic slave trade to Brazil. Over the years, Capoeira has been disguised, restructured, and even banned. But it has always been shared. Eventually, in 1974, Capoeira was recognized as a national sport in Brazil and today Capoeira continues to evolve and spread, having reached nearly every corner of the world.

Category Recreational
Keywords capoeira, dayton, capoiera, dayton, sinclair, brazil, afro-brazilian, africa, african, art, dance, fight, game, roda, regional, angola, breakdance
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Studio C, Student Union

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David McCarther

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Danny Rodriquez

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Lilia Moyer

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(937) 775-2096

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Instructor of English

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