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Setting up a Bank Account

More in-depth look into bank accounts is coming soon! For additional details please contact the Office of Student Life at

These are general guidelines for creating or managing a student organizational bank account. Note that each bank is different, so their policies might require more or less documentation.

Starting a bank account or creating an EIN:

  • Must provide a federal tax identification number. Most groups obtain this by competing an Employer ID number with the IRS. Visit and search for “EIN” for the most current process. 
    • Can be completed over the phone (800-829-4933) or online
    • You will [functionally] be completing a SS-4 form; a sample of the form & questions asked is shown below.
      • Complete questions 1-10
      • Use the address on the sample so mail/statements will come to your student organization's mailbox in the Office of Student Life (1110 Kirkhof Center)
      • Make sure the name listed exactly matches the official name on OrgSync
      • Typically, the president or financial officer sign the form; if completed over the phone, a social security number will be required for verification purposes
    • Once complete, submit a copy of your EIN statement/paperwork to the Office of Student Life (1110 Kirkhof Center) for your group's permanent file. You will also need to include this information on OrgSync in your organization profile.
  • Provide a copy of your constitution/bylaws or articles of incorporation
  • Provide meeting minutes identifying all current officers


Renewing a bank account or changing signatures for the account

  • Varies widely per bank, so check with your bank directly