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Organization Overview

"IJM@GVSU" is the GVSU chapter of an international organization that seeks to shed light on human trafficking to students and to take action by seeking justice for the oppressed. Mission To provide resources and practical information on ways to eliminate and prevent human trafficking on a local, national, and international level. Description We exist to provide facts and statistics; provide practical ways to eliminate human exploitation; and to provide a safe atmosphere for discussion. Examples: Movie: Taken Documentaries: The Day My God Died, Born in a Brothel, Half the Sky General Information

Category Service & Advocacy
Keywords IJM Advocacy Social Justice Trafficking

Service & Advocacy


Melanie Govan

President's Email Address

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Financial Officer

Melissa Gatto

Risk Management Officer

Ashleigh Bowne

General Officer

Rachael Rutkowski


Wendy Burns-Ardolino


An IJM Campus Chapter is a group of students concerned about issues of injustice who desire to be agents of change, both in their own communities and through supporting IJM's work globally.
We will be involved in all three aspects of: raising awareness, raising our voices, and raising support/funding for IJM.

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Meeting Day
  • Thursday

8:00 PM



Meeting Room

Kirkhoff 2259

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