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All of our weekly meetings will be Wednesday of each month at PM

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LSU was founded in September of 1978 by José Reyna with the help of the Office of Multicultural Affairs. With only about 6,000 students at Grand Valley at the time and roughly only 30 Latin@s, José and five other members gathered and the first LSU meeting took place. LSU's purpose at the time was to provide a support-network for Latin@s who were very scarce in numbers in the university setting. They provided academic support, helped spread cultural awareness, and also helped recruit other Latin@s to GVSU.

Today, we have grown to be at least 30 members and more, with our mission expanding and diversifying to keep up with the goals, problems, and ideas of modern times. Anyone who is interested in knowing, exploring, and excited about participating in events created with the vast Latin culture in mind is welcome to join. At LSU we learn each others cultures, as not all Latin cultures are the same, and strive to promote and expose those cultures to the student body through campus events and community service.

We welcome anyone to join--Latin@ or non-Latin@!





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Our mission in short is to spread across campus an awareness and knowledge of the diverse Latin@ student body and the various distinct cultures that compose that as well as the aggregate Latino community of West Michigan. We also seek to support that community both on and off campus.

Latin@ Student Union seeks to support our community and to strengthen our university.

As Latin@s we are racially diverse. We are multilingual. We are ethnically and culturally dynamic.

We aim to connect Latin@s across campus, Grand Rapids, and West Michigan, as well as all those who share are mission of fostering a community founded on support and engagement.

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Meeting Day
  • Wednesday

8:00 PM

Meeting Room

KC 0072 (May Vary- Refer to "Forms")

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