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Welcome to the Alexander Hamilton Society, University of Dallas Chapter. 

The Alexander Hamilton Society (AHS) is an independed, non-partisan, not-for-profit, membership organization dedicated to promoting constructive debate on basic principles and contemporary issues in foreign, economic, and national security policy. As we build a national network of outstanding students, faculty, and professionals, we sponsor debates at colleges and universities, as well as in major cities, and provide other opportunities for our members to flourish intellectually, professionally, and personally. 


Our members—on 50 campuses, as well as in New York City, Palo Alto, and Washington, DC—are 
united by basic convictions about the United States and its role in the world: 

• A measured pride in the success of the American experiment; an understanding that America’s 
greatness is the result of its commitment to individual liberty, limited government, economic 
freedom, the rule of law, human dignity, and democracy; and a belief that the fundamental aim 
of every aspect of our policy, foreign and domestic, must be to defend these principles at home 
and ultimately to encourage their spread abroad. 

• A conviction, rooted in the history of the last century, that the world is a better, safer, and more 
prosperous place when the United States is willing and able to lead; and a commitment to 
maintaining the moral authority and material strength on which that leadership rests. 

• An appreciation that the world remains a dangerous place in which our power must be 
exercised with prudence, and where the primary threats to our security come from states that 
deny freedom to their own people and from non-state actors who embrace hatred and violence.  

• A clear recognition that, in such a world, our true friends and reliable partners are other 
democratic nations with whom we share an enduring commonality of values, and not simply a 
temporary convergence of interests.

• A firm belief that, time and again, in peace and in war, the ability of the American political 
system to profit from vigorous public discussion has proved its worth; and that, at this moment 
in our history, our public discussion of foreign, economic, and national security policy stands 
very much in need of renewal.

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The Alexander Hamilton Society is a national organization devoted to sponsoring debate and discussion on contemporary issues pertaining to international relations, as well as foreign, economic, and national security policy. The university sponsors lectures, debates, and panel discussions in accordance with the national chapter.



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