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UTAS will act as the liaison between undergraduate Theatre students and TDPS faculty, staff, graduate students, and other school-sponsored organizations while cultivating active connections between Theatre students and encouraging enthusiastic contributions to the theatre community.


Governing Bodies

Mission Statement

An organization’s mission statement should provide a description of the group’s purpose.

The Undergraduate Theatre Artists Society provides support to students of the School of Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies in order to enhance the undergraduate experience because a thriving community is vital to the creation of the performing arts.


Upload a copy of your organization’s constitution.

Your constitution MUST include a "non-discrimination clause" and a clause agreeing to abide by University policies. For sample language to include, please visit

Membership Requirements

Please list any specific criteria your organization uses to determine eligibility for membership. If your organization has selective membership, please describe the selection process.

Active membership shall be limited to persons officially connected with the University of Maryland, College Park as faculty, staff or registered students. Students enrolled in the spring semester as well as students enrolled in summer school are eligible for summer membership. Active voting membership is limited to currently registered undergraduate students. In addition, active members must either be a registered Theatre Major or must have a substantial interest in Theatre. The Undergraduate Theatre Artists Society openly admits students to its membership and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, personal appearance, age, national origin, political affiliation, physical or mental disability, or on the basis of rights secured by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Organization Email Address

Please list the email address where general inquiries to the organization should be directed.

President Name

Karen Dolle

President Email
Treasurer Name

Andrew Saundry

Treasurer Email
Advisor Name

Please include first and last name. Advisors MUST be either a UMD faculty, staff, graduate assistant, or university chaplain.

Jared Mezzocchi