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Welcome to the University of Maryland’s ASME Chapter!

Now that you are a member, you are eligible to use any of the resources ASME has to offer. These resources include: lounge access, study resources, and job-networking opportunities, ASME events and general body meetings are held monthly to let your voice be heard. Events are a great way to hang out with other mechanical engineers, and make connections that can be beneficial socially and academically.

To find out dates for these events you can refer to the weekly newsletter or to the calendar on the ASME website (  We highly encourage all ASME members to attend events, not only for the benefits listed above, but to also maintain access to the lounge. Please note: You must attend two ASME events to maintain swipe access to the lounge.

As mentioned above, you now have swipe access to the ASME lounge (EGR1107). The lounge is equipped with whiteboards, textbooks, a test bank, and a printer. It also has tables and couches for you to work and relax. The ASME lounge also has a kitchenette area with a fridge, microwave, and coffee pot. These amenities make the lounge a great study space as well as a fun place to chill with other mechanical engineers.

Be aware that lounge access is a privilege given only to ASME members. Letting in non-members can cause you to lose swipe access yourself.

In order to maintain a clean and comfortable atmosphere, we ask that you do not leave your stuff around the lounge. You may keep food in the refrigerator, but keep in mind that the fridge is cleaned out every Tuesday.

Please be respectful and don’t be afraid to reach out, being part of ASME is being part of a family.

If you would like to become more involved, you can ask to become an ASME committee member. Committee members work directly with officers to help make ASME an impactful society on campus. Committee members also run the general body meetings and are also eligible to run for ASME board in the upcoming election.

If you have any questions or concerns you can email the ASME board at I look forward to seeing you around!

Yonit Ollech

Public Affairs Officer

Next Steps:

  • Now that you’re officially a member on OrgSync please be sure to check out our website at and register on the website to allow for access to our academic resources. Just click the “Join us” button on the home page.
    • Note: We understand this can be rather redundant, but the academic resources page (including test bank) is only open to ASME members.
  • Check out the Events tab to be informed of all the ASME events coming up throughout the semester. This calendar will be updated as more events are planned.
    • Attending an event requires that the RSVP form (linked to the top of the events page) is filled out.
  • Join the National Chapter! This completely optional and requires a $25 fee to join, but holds a world of benefits including, but not limited to networking events, engineering updates, professional mentorship, and engineering conferences. Here’s the link link.

If you have any questions feel free to email . Be sure to stay read our weekly newsletter to stay up to date with events.

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