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Organization Overview

Transition Western Is a group of students working under the umbrella of the global transition movement to help our community transition from an economy that is dependent upon fossil fuels and accelerating consumption of finite resources to a highly localized economy that uses renewable energy and local resources at sustainable rates, encourages skill sharing and trading over purchasing, and supports all members of the community.

Category Social Issues
Keywords Transition, Community, Economy, Fossil, Fuels, Environment, Social, Bike, Sustainable, Resilience, Resources, Movement, Action, Growth, Consumption, Permaculture, Food,
Statement of Purpose

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Our purpose is to work on campus and within the Bellingham community to transition from a fossil fuel and consumption based economy to a highly localized economy that employs sustainable use of local resources and renewable energy, encourages trading and skill sharing over purchasing, and takes care of all members of the community.

Activities and Events

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club meetings, outback work parties, film screenings, community events,

Organization Email (if applicable)
NAME: Coordinator/President/Director

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Andrew Eckels

PHONE: Coordinator/President/Director

(206) 272 0154

EMAIL: Coordinator/President/Director
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Jacob Mandell

EMAIL: Asst. Coordinator/Vice Pres.
NAME: Budget Authority/Treasurer

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Paige Stevenson

EMAIL: Budget Authority/Treasurer
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