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The Individual Community Service Award 2014


This award is presented to an individual undergraduate student who has demonstrated exceptional motivation, innovation and involvement in community service. This individual is one who has provided outstanding service to the community without regard for personal gain, while exhibiting commitment to the causes, concerns, events or needs at hand. This award is presented to an individual in hopes that the recipient's exceptional service may inspire and motivate others to participate in community service. The voluntary aspect of the nominee’s activity must be beyond a regular class assignment. Students may earn this award more than once in their academic career provided the experiences illustrated in the second application are different from the first application. The service must be performed without pay and can take place in and outside the immediate area.

Application procedures:

Full-time undergraduate students may be nominated for the award by faculty, administrators, staff and other students or may nominate themselves.

There are five steps in the application process.

1. Complete the on-line application form Click the green button below that reads “Begin Form” (you must include the student's contact information).

2. Upload a personal statement or recommendation statement (limit two pages) addressing how you/or the nominee have demonstrated the following:

  • Why the nominee chose to serve
  • The nominee’s commitment to community and service to others
  • The impact of nominee’s action on the community and self
  • How the nominee inspires others
  • Any additional information pertinent to the award

3. Upload/Submit a letter of recommendation from a UI faculty or staff member
If you are self-nominating: (You will need a letter of recommendation) the suggested method is to have the recommender (either a UI faculty or staff member) email you a signed copy of the letter, and then you can upload it to this website. If the recommender would prefer to give you a sealed letter, please bring the letter to the Department of Student Involvement, Commons 302. Make sure to write the name of the nominee and the award they are being nominated for on the front of the envelope.
4. Optional: Upload up to four additional pages (in addition to your letter mentioned above) of pertinent and supporting background materials such as, but not limited to: newspaper articles, letters, citations and project descriptions.

5. Submit the application form.

Selection Committee:
Dean of Students Office Representative
Idaho Commons & Student Union Director or designee
Director of Student Engagement or designee
ASUI President or designee
ASUI Center for Volunteerism and Social Action Coordinator

If you'd like, you can download a blank PDF version of this form.