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Organization Overview

Students gather to share their knowledge of American Sign Language and Deaf culture. Students also pursue the attempt to bring ASL classes and an interpreter training program to GVSU to broaden the culturally diverse education that is available to its' students.

Category Service & Advocacy
Keywords ASL, ASLCC, language, sign, deaf, hearing impaired, culture, disability



Ellyn Goncer

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Financial Officer

Jackie Frey

Risk Management Officer

Rachel Bellovich

General Officer

Myrandia Ingraham


Jamie Owen-DeSchryver


This group will strive to open up the eyes of its members to the unique language that is Sign and broaden their horizons to the possibilities of knowing such an interesting language. Along with this, we hope to pass on the knowledge of proper etiquette in these communities, so that they can apply them in the future.

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Meeting Day
  • Wednesday

9:00 PM



Meeting Room

Kirkhof 2264

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