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Spring 2018 Math Club Picnic

Friday, Apr 13, 2 pm
Mission Oaks Park in Camarillo,CA

semiannual math club picnic

This event does not require an RSVP.

Math Club Picnic

Friday, Nov 10, 12 pm
Mission Oaks Park

The Bi-annual Math Club Picnic will be held this year at Mission Oaks Park from 12-4PM on Friday November 10th (Veterans Day Observed). Please consider joining us as we celebrate math and all the fun that comes with it! We will be providing food and games as well as good conversations.

Family and friends are welcome 

Will you be attending?
Limited spaces available

Math Club Picnic

Friday, Apr 8, 12 pm
Mission Oaks Park

Hey guys,

This semester we will be having the picnic on April 8th at Mission Oaks Park at the same spot in Camarillo were always at. As you all hopefully know, Anyone and Everyone is welcome. At this point in time the event will end up starting around 12 and ending around 3 or 4. Once the exact details are fine tuned, I will be sure to email you again with the new information. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions.


Will you be attending?

Relay 4 Life

Friday, Apr 1, 3 pm

Hey GUYS!!! This semester were going to join the Relay 4 Life. It's only from 3-midnight and anyone and everyone is welcome to come. There will be NO obligations NO costs and NO fees. If you want to come walk...come walk. If you want to come pass out trivia questions...come pass out questions. If you want to give out candies to the correct answers then come and "try" not to eat all the candy. But whatever you do just make sure  YOU COME!!!

...yes you

...p.s we are still...

This event does not require an RSVP.